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Expert Digitisation of Global Trade 

Consulting Services

The Global Trade market exceeded US$18 trillion in 2019 and though it will fall in 2020 due to Covid-19 impact it is predicted to recover in 2021 and rise to US$27 trillion by 2028. Great opportunities exist as evidenced by the rush in entries by fintech start-ups to deliver solutions targeting various aspects of the digitisation of trade.


How to be successful and who will the winners be? Experience has shown that this aspect of global trade in moving from manual and heavily paper based processes is indeed a challenge to meet.


With deep roots and engagement with the marketing leading pioneer in digitising trade, RWHK Consulting offers unparalleled sales, marketing and project management in deploying ground breaking digital solutions for innovative clients.   


The company offers a range of specialised services, focusing on the Digitisation of Global Trade, and brings insight and knowledge developed from Ross’s highly successful career in practice of the full lifecycle of various digitisation of trade projects, spanning 17 years working from Hong Kong and Sydney.

Our Services

Our services are outlined in the sections as follow:

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Your overall strategic plan will be created based on you companies digitisation goals and objectives

Technology Solution Guidance

Against the rapidly evolving options in the market we will provide technological best fit guidance for your company

Project Planning and Implementation

Experience shows the bulk of the work around digitisation comes in the implementation phase which necessitates a strong project plan 

Markets and Deployment

Variations of digital acceptance exist by market and successful deployment of your chosen solution needs to consider such  

Sourcing and Delivery 

Selecting to appropriate solution and delivery services will ensure the greatest level of success 

Interoperability and Standards

Great effort is being placed on these key aspects which to date are recognised as holding back the uptake rate of digitisation


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